AKF Scholarships Program 2020

AKF Scholarships

The Aga Khan Foundation is now accepting applications for its post-graduate Scholarship program. AKF Scholarships are given to outstanding students who belong to Developing Countries.

Opportunity Points

AKF Scholarships Program:

The aim of AKF Scholarships is to help students who can not financially afford to continue their studies. Scholarships are mainly given at Masters level but Ph.D. level applications are also accepted. These scholarships are awarded to students after they get admission in a reputable institute.

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Brief Description

  • Program type: Scholarship
  • Program level: Postgraduate
  • Scholarship type: Partially funded
  • Deadline: different for different countries

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must first apply and are accepted into a good academic program at a reputable educational institution
  • Applicants must have demonstrated good academic record throughout their studies
  • Applicants must genuinely need financial support
  • Applicants who are under 30 years old will be preferred

Eligible Countries

Nationals of the following countries are eligible to apply for AKF Scholarships.

  1. Bangladesh
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Afghanistan
  5. Tajikistan
  6. Kyrgyzstan
  7. Syria
  8. Egypt
  9. Kenya
  10. Tanzania
  11. Uganda
  12. Madagascar Mozambique.
  • Note: Applicants who originally belong to one of the above-mentioned countries but are living inĀ  France, Portugal, UK, USA, and Canada can also apply.
  • They should be interested in Studies related to development. They must also genuinely need financial help.
  • Applicants should be living in a country where there is a local AKF Agha Khan Foundation, AKES agha Khan educational services or AKEB Agha Khan educational board which can take their interviews.

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Scholarship Covers

  • Tuition fee
  • Expenses of living
  • For Ph.D. candidates funding is provided only for the first two years

Scholarship Type:

  • This is a loan/ scholarship. Half of the scholarship amount i.e 50% of it is considered as a loan.
  • The candidates will have to pay a 50% loan back (along with a service charge of 5% per year).
  • Candidates will have to pay it back in a time period of 5 years.

Country Office Deadlines

  1. AKF Bangladesh:
    Pre-application deadline – 6th March 2020
    Application deadline- 31st March 2020
  2. AKF India:
    13th March 2020 and 20 March 2020
  3. AKF Pakistan:
    16th March 2020 and 31st March 2020
  4. AKF Portugal:
    28th March 2020

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Application Process

  1. Applicants will have to fill and submit a pre-application form and then an application form.
  2. These forms will be available at the local Agha Khan offices of different countries.

Official link: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will AKF Scholarships Cover Educational Expenses?

Yes, AKF Scholarships are an amazing opportunity for International Students. These Scholarships cover your whole educational and other study-related costs.

Who Can Apply in AKF Scholarships program?

AKF Scholarships are the best chances to study on scholarships. Both Male and Female students are eligible to apply in these golden opportunities.

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2020