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Is The Anso Scholarship Fully Funded? Anso Scholarship Universities List. A Complete Guide On How To Apply.

The Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2018. In 2019, the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents was formally inaugurated with the aim of developing young scientists from around the world.

This ANSO Scholarship is awarded to 200 Master’s students as well as 300 Ph.D. students every year in order to pursue postgraduate studies at a Chinese university, the University of Science and Technology (USTC), or a Chinese academy located elsewhere. The ANSO Scholarship provides financial assistance to these students. Those students who are interested in pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees who want to pursue it are eligible to apply for this significant award.

Is The Anso Scholarship Fully Funded?

The ANSO Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship program with the goal of assisting exceptional students and researchers from developing nations in pursuing careers in science and technology. Young scientists and researchers from developing nations are intended to benefit from the scholarship program, which the ANSO finances.

The ANSO Scholarship provides approved students with a living allowance, health insurance, tuition reimbursement, and housing coverage. The subjects of physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, and environmental science are just a few of the scientific and technology-related postgraduate degrees that scholars might study.

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Universities That Accept Anso Scholarship

A number of universities in China have partnered with the ANSO Scholarship program to offer high-quality postgraduate programs for scholars. The universities that accept ANSO scholars include –

  • The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
  • The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)
  • Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  • Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Nanjing University
  • Zhejiang University

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Eligibility Criteria For Anso Scholarship

The 100 programs covered by the ANSO scholarship include ones in engineering sciences, agriculture, physics, astronomy, chemical sciences, molecular biology, and other related subjects. To be eligible for an ANSO scholarship in Chinese colleges, students must meet the following requirements and submit the necessary paperwork before the deadline.

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the country listed on the official website.
  • An advanced degree in science, technology, or human well-being is required.
  • Certificate of graduation from a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Chinese and English language proficiency.
  • Applicants must be under 35 years of age.
  • USTC, UCAS, or another CAS institute where you completed practical research and a thesis.
  • Scholarship applicants cannot enroll in any other programs during the scholarship period.
  • Assignments must be completed by scholarship applicants.
  • Official link for ANSO


Documents Required For Anso Scholarship

  • Passport copy with a validity of at least 24 months
  • CV and a brief description of research experience
  • Document the awards and certificates received and the plan of action for the research.
  • Certificate of graduation from university

For Masters program

  • Graduation certificates must be submitted if completed
  • A pre-undergraduate certificate with the date of completion must be submitted if the undergraduate course has not yet been completed

For Ph.D. program

  • If you have completed a master’s degree, you must submit your certificate
  • The certificate must include the date of completion of a pre-master degree if it is not received
  • A reference letter should be provided
  • A detailed proposal for research
  • Proof of English competency other than IELTS is required
  • A copy of the original application for ANSO


How To Apply For An Anso Scholarship?

The following steps must be completed in order to apply for the ANSO Scholarship –

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Candidates should check the ANSO website for eligibility requirements before applying.

Step 2: Choose Program and University

On ANSO’s website, candidates can choose from a list of eligible programs and universities.

Step 3: Prepare Application Documents

Application documents must be prepared by candidates:

  • Application Form
  • Transcript and Degree Certificate
  • Research Proposal
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendation Letters
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate

Step 4: Submit the Application

Online applications must be submitted to ANSO through the website.

Step 5: Selection Process

ANSO’s scholarship program involves a preliminary selection, academic review, and interview. The final selection criterion is the candidate’s academic record and research proposal.

The ANSO Scholarship application deadlines are usually in March or April each year. Application deadlines and information regarding procedures can be found on the ANSO Scholarship website.

Applying For An Anso Scholarship: Tips For Success

In order to improve your chances of success in your application for an ANSO Scholarship, follow these tips:

  1. Applying for a position requires careful reading and understanding of the eligibility requirements.
  2. The ANSO Scholarship program offers scholarships to universities and degree programs.
  3. Create a robust research proposal that illustrates your expertise and enthusiasm for the subject.
  4. Answer the questions on the application clearly.
  5. Before submitting the application, make sure all necessary papers are exact and comprehensive.

Conclusion –

Students from developing nations in Asia and Africa have a fantastic chance to continue postgraduate studies in scientific or technology-related subjects through the ANSO Scholarship. It lets students concentrate on their studies without having to worry about money because it pays for their tuition, housing costs, health insurance, and a living allowance. If you’re considering applying for the ANSO Scholarship, make sure you read and comprehend the eligibility conditions, application requirements, and process completely.

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