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Best Undergraduate Scholarships in 2024, Top scholarships for Undergraduates, Eligibility, And How To Apply

Best Undergraduate Scholarships in 2024

Are you an Indian student dreaming of pursuing higher education but worried about the financial aspect? Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the best undergraduate scholarships available in 2024, designed to ease the burden of educational expenses.

Best Undergraduate Scholarships in 2024

Undergraduate scholarships play a crucial role in supporting students after completing Class 12 in India. These scholarships cover various fields such as Engineering, Medical, Architecture, Arts/Humanities, Science, and Commerce. They are offered by reputable organizations and institutions, providing financial freedom to deserving students facing economic constraints.

Top scholarships for Undergraduates

Let’s dive into the curated list of both national and international scholarships that stand out for Indian students:

L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarships

  • Empowering young women from economically weaker sections to pursue studies in Engineering, Medical, Applied Sciences, and Pure Sciences.
  • Award: Lumpsum scholarship amount of INR 2.5 Lakhs.

G. P. Birla Scholarship

  • Exclusive for meritorious students in West Bengal aspiring to pursue undergraduate degrees in various fields.
  • Award: Scholarship worth up to INR 50,000 per annum and additional benefits.

CLP India Scholarship Scheme

  • It is geared towards students in classes 10 to 12, graduation, diploma, vocational training, and postgraduate courses in specific regions.
  • Award: Up to INR 18,000 per annum.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship Scheme

  • Offering undergraduate scholarships of up to INR 1,000 per month, with eligibility criteria based on marks and region.

NIU Scholarship cum Admission Test (NSAT)

  • Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Noida International University.
  • Award: Tuition fee waiver of up to 70%.

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

  • For those aspiring to pursue undergraduate degrees in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Science in Japan, the MEXT Scholarship is a gateway to academic excellence.
  • Award: Monthly allowance of JPY 117,000, along with additional benefits such as traveling expenses, supplemental regional allowance, and transportation allowance.

Chinese Government Scholarship

  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Government of India, and the Government of China, this scholarship is a golden ticket for students eyeing undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degrees in China.
  • Award: Full and partial scholarships for eligible candidates under 25 who have passed the Class 12 examination.

Rhodes Scholarships for India, University of Oxford

  • For those dreaming of higher education in the UK, the Rhodes Scholarship at the University of Oxford awaits. Open to graduates or final-year students, this scholarship covers full tuition fees and additional benefits.
  • Award: Full tuition fee coverage and various additional benefits.

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

  • In partnership with the Government of the Republic of Korea, the MHRD, Government of India offers the KGSP for Indian undergraduate and postgraduate students. This scholarship encompasses a settlement allowance, monthly allowance, research allowance, and more.
  • Award: Comprehensive coverage including settlement allowance, monthly stipend, and reimbursement of various expenses.

Trinity College Dublin Scholarship, Ireland

  • Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, beckons Indian students with undergraduate scholarships. A golden opportunity for those pursuing higher education in Ireland.
  • Award: Tuition fee waiver of up to EUR 5,000.

Italian Government Scholarship

  • A collaboration between the MHRD, Government of India, and the Italian Government, this scholarship catalyzes Indian graduate and postgraduate students seeking Master’s, PhD, and research courses in Italy.
  • Award: Monthly allowance of EUR 900.

Mexican Government Scholarships for International Students

  • Administered by AMEXCID on behalf of the Government of Mexico, these merit-based scholarships are open to Indian students pursuing master’s or PhD courses. The scholarship covers tuition fees, registration fees, insurance, monthly stipends, and visas.
  • Award: Comprehensive coverage including tuition, stipends, and various allowances.

Brazilian Government Scholarship

  • As part of its undergraduate exchange program, the Brazilian Government offers full tuition fee waivers for Indian students aged 18 to 23, fostering international educational cooperation.
  • Award: Full tuition fee waiver.

Israel Government Scholarships

  • In collaboration with the Government of Israel, the Government of India encourages Indian students to pursue study and research at Israeli universities. This undergraduate scholarship is limited to specific streams.
  • Award: Monthly allowance, tuition fee coverage, and health insurance.

Deakin University Merit Scholarship, Australia

  • A sought-after scholarship for Indian students aspiring to study in Australia, the Deakin University Merit Scholarship rewards academic excellence.
  • Award: Tuition fee waiver of up to 25%.

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