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DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2022 – Engineering & Sciences

Good new guys, The Applications for Daad scholarships in Germany are now open. DAAD stands for the German Academic Exchange Service. It is one of the most remarkable Fully Funded opportunities in the world.

DAAD was founded in 1925 and ever since has provided scholarships to scores of people in Germany and other countries in the world. More than 1.5 million people in the world are alumni of the prestigious daad scholarships in Germany.

What is DAAD Scholarships in Germany:

These DAAD Scholarships in Germany are offered for different fields of study. Different German universities serve as the host institutes for this scholarship. These scholarships are awarded with the aim of helping young people excel in their careers. DAAD hopes that these young people will go on to bring about positive changes in their surroundings.

Daad scholarships in Germany are awarded to people without any discrimination. Women and people who belong to other disadvantaged groups are highly encouraged to apply.

DAAD Scholarships for Engineering and Related Sciences:

This post is for those who want to apply for Engineering and Related Sciences. If you want to apply for other fields such as development studies, media studies, and social sciences, etc. here is the link to the other DAAD Posts:

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Brief Description:

  • Location: Germany
  • Host Institutes: TU Dresden, BHU Weimar, U Flensburg, U Stuttgart and U Hannover
  • Program type: Scholarship
  • Program level: Masters and PhD
  • Scholarships Offered by: DAAD Germany
  • Deadline: Different for all the institutes – between August to November 2022

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Eligibility Criteria for DAAD scholarships in Germany:

  1. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree of normally 4 years.
  2. Applicant’s degrees must be related to the field they are applying for the scholarships in Germany.
  3. The applicant’s degree should not be more than 6 years old.
  4. People who have been living in Germany for 15 months or more by the deadline time can NOT apply for this scholarship.
  5. Applicants will first apply to the host university and then for DAAD scholarships in Germany.

Language Requirements:

  • Applicants must choose the language they want to study.
  • Courses are offered in German and English languages
  • Applicants will have to provide a language certificate for the language they choose (so the university knows you will be able to study in that language)

Available Fields of Study:

Under the Engineering and Related Sciences category, the following fields are available:

  • Textile and Readymade Cloth technology.
  • Water resource and Environmental Management.
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Infrastructure Planning.
  • Hydro Science and Engineering.
  • Air quality control, solid waste and wastewater process engineering.
  • Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics.
  • Natural hazards and risks in Structural Engineering.
  • Energy and environmental management in Developing Countries.

Fully Funded Scholarships cover:

  • Scholarship worth 850 euros per month
  • Travel costs
  • Allowance for study (one time)
  • Health, accident and personal coverage
  • Additional benefits such as rent subsidy and an allowance for family members may also be given in some cases.


Deadlines are Different: “List of all Postgraduate courses with application deadlines 2022/23“.

How to Apply for DAAD Scholarships?

There is an Online Application Link, and it’s given below:

Application Link

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Must visit the official website for complete information, this is a summary of the official post.


Are DAAD scholarships offered only for engineering?

No. DAAD scholarships are offered for a lot of fields. You should consult the post related to the field you want a scholarship in.

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