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Deakin University Scholarships In Australia 2023-24

Applications are now open for Deakin University Scholarships in Australia for all International students as well as domestic students who belong to a strong academic background and aspire to study in one of the leading Australian Universities that are known to have proved their excellence as an educational institution time from time. It offers both fully funded and partially funded scholarships to ease the expenses that may cause hindrances to their education.

Deakin University Scholarships:

It offers three types of scholarships, Government-funded Scholarships, University-funded Scholarships- and External Scholarships with many subcategories; each having multiple seats, to be accessible for all types of students enrolled in the University, furthermore it has 14 schools with dedicated staff to facilitate the students and encourages them to get professional experience along with participating in extracurricular activities to prepare them for their future.

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Brief Description:

Location: Australia
Program: Tuition Fees
Fields: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctorate
Deadline: Different


Benefits of Deakin University Scholarships In Australia:

  • Accommodation allowance
  • Airfare allowance
  • Monthly stipend
  • Tuition fee waiver

Eligibility Criteria of Deakin University Scholarships:

  1. International/domestic students
  2. All candidates must have an exceptional academic record.
  3. All candidates must have a good command of the English Language
  4. All candidates must be enrolled into the University under any available course and degree program at the levels offered.

All Deakin University Scholarships:

Australian Government Funded Scholarships:

1) MS and Ph.D. scholarships

  • Australian Government Scholarship
  • Endeavor Scholarships
  • HDR Scholarship
  • Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Scholarships at Deakin University:

1) Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • CICRA Partnership Bursary
  • Deakin Funded Scholarship Program
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Deakin India Undergraduate 20% Scholarship
  • Deakin International Merit Scholarship
  • Deakin International Scholarship
  • Deakin Latin American Scholarship
  • Deakin STEM Scholarship
  • Deakin Scholarship for Excellence
  • Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship
  • Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious 100% Scholarship
  • Midfield Group Agricultural Scholarship

External Scholarships:

1) Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships:

  • Data-Driven Analytics Scholarship
  • Timothy Steele Medicine Scholarship
  • Fullbright Australia Scholarship
  • Golden Key International Honours Society Scholarship and Awards
  • In Marketing We Trust Digital Marketing Scholarship
  • Inspiron Tertiary Health Scholarship
  • PACK & SEND International Student Support Grant
  • Real Futures Grant
  • Refractive Australia Scholarship
  • Australian Sugar Industries Scholarship
  • Australian Seniors Aged Care Futures Grant
  • BizCover Scholarship
  • Brian Boak Outstanding Performer Bursary
  • Charlie Bell Scholarship
  • Choosi Futures Grant Program
  • Contevo Digital Marketing Scholarship
  • Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre Scholarship
  • Cyber Security Scholarship from SSL Trust
  • Roberts Gray Lawyers Scholarship Program
  • RSPCA Pet Insurance Future Animal Carers Grant
  • Savvy Fintech Scholarship
  • Westside Renal Scholarship

2) Postgraduate Scholarships:

  • Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Graduate Women Victoria Scholarship

3) Research scholarships:

  • Graduate Women’s Scholarship
  • Data61 Scholarship
  • Fullbright Scholarship

How to Apply for Deakin University Scholarships:

You need to first apply to the University and upon receiving the acceptance letter, prepare for admission. You need to then choose your course and choose the scholarship application to your academic status and submit an application form along with the required documentation and wait for the results of your application.


1. What are the required documents needed for these scholarships?

They vary according to the scholarship program you are applying for and each scholarship may have different requirements and eligibility criteria.

2. Are the benefits the same for all scholarships?

No, the benefits mentioned above are generic and each scholarship carries its own set of benefits along with having the general benefits. You shouldn’t waste time and get your acceptance letter as soon as possible.

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The last date to apply for Deakin University Scholarships in Australia varies on the scholarship category you wish to apply to. You may check all the dates through the official website linked below.

Check the official link.

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