Free Course on Intro to Aeronautical Engineering

Free Course on Intro to Aeronautical Engineering

Free Course on Intro to Aeronautical Engineering:

Free Course on Intro to Aeronautical Engineering is being offered by the Delft University of Technology on EdX.

The students will be taught the following things:

Students taking this course will be able to learn the science that enables planes to fly and will investigate flight mechanics, aerodynamics and aeronautics.

The Instructors:  (Faculty of Delft University of Technology)

  • Jacco M.HoekStra: Professor CNS/ATM
  • Jos Sinke: Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering
  • Nando Timmer: Lecturer and Research Engineer, Aerodynamics, Wind Energy and Flight Mechanics & Propulsion (TU Delft)
  • Mark Voskuijl: Assistant Professor in Flight Mechanics and Propulsion

Course Requirements: 10-12 hours per week

Duration: 7 Weeks

Course language: English

Note: The course is self paced and students can enroll for free. Students can pay a fee of 50$ if they want a verified certificate. Getting the certificate is NOT necessary. 

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There are so many Fully Funded Scholarship and Conference / Full Opportunities which require Knowledge of this Course. here I’m going to mention all Scholarships according to the continent.

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