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Full Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Australia 2022

A full Postgraduate research scholarship in Australia was created in order to provide support to a Ph.D. student conducting research into the governance of healthcare systems as part of a collaborative commissioning project.

In order to improve the quality of general health system governance, Ph.D. students wishing to conduct research in the field will be receiving an annual fee of $35,629 towards the cost of the postgraduate research.

About Full Postgraduate Research Scholarship:

The George Institute for Global Health, a non-profit organization that provides scholarship funds to this program. At the University of Sydney, Ph.D. students have the opportunity to enroll in a research-based degree program equivalent to the level of a doctorate.

The mission of the Full Postgraduate Research Scholarship is to solve health care’s biggest challenges. In addition, they’re at the forefront of medicine and health advancements, challenging barriers to access to and wellness.

Benefits of Full Postgraduate Research Scholarship:

If all academic requirements are met, the scholarship will provide a stipend allowance of $35,629 per year for 3.5 years.

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Brief Description:

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Institute: University of Sydney
  • Program: Ph.D. Scholarship
  • Opportunity: Full Time
  • Deadline: Applications are open

Eligibility Criteria for Full Postgraduate Research Scholarship:

It is important that:

  1. A full-time Ph.D. degree is unconditionally offered to applicants enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, or who have an unconditional admission offer
  2. Participate in collaborative commissioning projects involving health system governance.
  3. As well as have to experience with health systems research.


The Full Postgraduate Research Scholarship will remain open until a suitable candidate can be found. It will close once a successful candidate has been selected for this scholarship.

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How to Apply for a Full Postgraduate Research Scholarship?

There is an Online Application Form, and I have mentioned the application link below.

Application Link

Must visit the official website for complete information, this is a summary of the official post

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