How to prepare for GRE? Complete GRE Preparation 2020 guide

How to prepare for GRE is perhaps the most asked question when applications for various fully-funded scholarships such as the Full Bright Scholarship open. So, here we’ve bought for you guys a complete GRE preparation guide and tips on how to use GRE sample material. Read on and learn how to prepare for GRE and ace that GRE test!

What is GRE?

For those of you who do not already know, GRE is a graduate record examination test that most graduate programs require applicants to undertake. Most fully funded scholarship programs require applicants to undertake the test and submit the score with the application. A good GRE score can enhance the applicant’s chances of availing fully funded scholarships.

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Complete GRE Preparation guide AND How to prepare for GRE
How to prepare for GRE

GRE Sections Guide:

Gre is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Analytical writing
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Quantitative reasoning

GRE Score Ranges:

For GRE preparation, it is important to know the highest GRE score that can be obtained. The highest GRE score that can be obtained in 340 in verbal and quantitative reasoning and a 6 in Analytical writing.

GRE Highest score Section-wise:

Section Minimum Score Maximum Score

SectionMinimum ScoreMaximum Score
Analytical Writing06
Verbal Reasoning130170
Quantitative Reasoning130170
Total Score260 + 0340 + 6


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What is a good GRE score?

Most scholarship programs, be they in the United States or other states such as Canada, consider a score of 310 a nice score and chances of the applicant getting selected with a score of 310 remain high. Students should always aim for more and work even harder towards their GRE preparation, however, 310 Is still a good score to obtain in order to avail a lot of scholarships.

Time of study required for good GRE preparation:

Although time allotted to GRE preparation might vary according to each student’s ability, yet it is advised to candidates to start their GRE test preparation at least one and a half month prior to the test. Candidates should set aside a minimum of 4 hours daily from their schedule for GRE preparation and can even increase the time to 5 hours daily.
Best Resources for GRE sample material:

  • RE Website
  • Power prep 2 timed tests accessible for FREE online on GRE Website
  • Three ETS OFFICIAL guides
  • Manhattan 8 Strategy Guides
  • Manhattan 5lb book
  • Magoosh Vocabulary Mobile App or website
  • GRE maths basic foundations

How to prepare for GRE Guide and application method:

      1. First things first, go to the GRE website and read it completely. This will give you a very clear idea of the whole gre process and GRE preparation. Moreover, it will inform you about everything that you will need for undertaking the test.
      2. Go to the GRE website. Once on the website, ensure that you enter your correct name (as it appears on the passport) In case you do not own a passport, get one made at the earliest because you will be needing it for GRE. You will also have to enter your date of birth and other details. It is important that all the details match the ones on your passport.
      3. Access the 2 timed free test. Expert advice is to utilize the first test early, In order to become familiar to the entire GRE sample material which could assist you in Gre preparation. Leave the second test and take it a day or two before the test date for your GRE, this will give you an idea of how good your GRE preparation is.
      4. GRE math basic foundation is an extremely important book. Although it is considered more useful for GMAT, yet it is a good source to use as a gre sample material, as it helps you revise the basics of math. In case you get stuck somewhere, feel free to use google to find answers to your questions.
    1. Now is the time to take that 1st mock test! You should score at least a 290 or more on it, in case you score less, go through the book and its exercises once again.
    2. Once you become sure that your gre preparation is headed on the right path, register online for the GRE test and make the payment for it. Pick a suitable date when you register.
    3. Now is the time to bring the Magoosh app and Manhattan 1-6 quant guides in use. Use the magoosh app to learn and write vocabulary words and their meanings in a register. Keep revising these words over and over again and keep adding new words for the magoosh app as well. When you’re practicing the quant guides, make sure you practice them in order. When doing these, try to grab the concepts and learn them completely, you can also come up with little tips and tricks for your own self. It is important to remember that the questions in the gre test won’t be the same as the ones in Manhattan, yet it is a good book for revision of concepts.

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GRE Preparation:

  1. Start on the Manhattan 7 and 8 verbal guides and in the meantime keep learning new words from the magoosh app and keep revising previous ones. These 7 and 8 verbal guides will also cover AWA. The trick to acing this awa is easy, use the same essay format; intro, body. Conclusion. Some students mistakenly think that writing long paras will help them score more marks that is wrong. Your essay needs to have good content that is what is essential. When you have to analyze an issue, make sure to present your own opinions and judgments but for analysis of an argument, you just need to analyze the given argument critically and not present your personal opinions.
  2. Next step is to start and complete Manhattan 5lb book but there’s no need to do the book in detail, just do random questions to get an understanding and grab concepts.
  3. Start on and finish an official general ETS guide then quant and verbal guides. Try to pick out the problem-solving strategy from these books. I keep repeating, picking up concepts is most important.
  4. Now attempt the 2nd online GRE test which is website based. If you’ve been following the above-given GRE preparation guide, your score will probably be somewhere between 300 to 310. Even if it’s lower, don’t lose hope and keep practicing!
  5. Remember to keep revising the vocabulary words every day.
  6. When you’re practicing for the test, it is important that you calculate your time so you are able to complete the test in the given slot.

We’ve shared all the tips for How to prepare for GRE, be sure to follow these and remember, the more hard work you put into this, the better your results will be! All the best!

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