How to Study and Work in Germany during Your Degree 2022

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In Germany, the largest university is IU International University of Applied Sciences More than 70,000 students are currently studying in over 80 countries. IU has built an extensive network of alumni, students, and faculty members since 1998 Globally, we work with partner companies. Through the combination of two technologies, IU has achieved this State-recognized and globally recognized program of online and on-campus studies Scholarships and bursaries are available, as well as university degrees. Our mission has always been to provide education to students around the world No matter what their circumstances may be.

You can study flexibly online or on campus!

With IU’s on-campus and online learning programs, you can learn digitally. Study materials and tools to help you succeed in your degree, no matter where you are.

The option to study online or on-campus is available. We also offer on-campus study options that help you maximize your time. Experience IU’s campus and have the option of applying for a work visa after studying with us. Graduates receive a certificate of completion. Several programs at the master’s level and bachelor’s level offer the option.

You can choose this, for example, for:

  1. B.A. Business Administration
  2. B.Sc. Computer Science
  3. B.Sc. Business & IT
  4. B.Eng. Industrial Engineering & Management
  5. M.Sc. Computer Science
  6. M.Eng. Engineering Management
  7. M.A. International Management with the option to specialize in Finance &
  8. Accounting; International Marketing; or Engineering Management
  9. MBA Master of Business Administration (60 or 90 ECTS) with the option to specialize in Finance and Accounting; International Marketing; or Engineering Management

How to start Study and Work in Germany during Your Degree 2022

If you want to start on campus or online, you can do so. Our flexible on-campus model allows you to work, study, socialize, as well as create. By participating in career fairs and working in groups, you can establish an international professional network. Several You can join one of the university’s two campuses every year through a number of intakes in Deutschland. If you are in Berlin or Bad Honnef, you may be able to join in October, April, June, or July. Your program may not start until January. On a regular basis, you will receive in-person lectures.

This will allow you to establish close working relationships with your lecturers and fellow students. Additionally, you’ll have access to Learn about study tools and educational videos and participate in interactive courses and interactive books We offer student forums to keep you on top of work from home so you can work when it’s convenient for you Scheduling.

Accredited Quality 

The IU is accredited both institutionally and by the state In college. As a result, its teaching methods and study programs are highly regarded Quality is their strong suit. Additionally, they have maintained a high level of teaching quality. Accredited for the next five years, and IU is trusted to independently accredit new institutions Standards-compliant programs. They are also certified by the German Accreditation Council, which ensures resources, teaching, and curricula meet high standards.

Support through International Bursaries and Scholarships 

Online students at IU can apply for bursaries or scholarships of up to 80%, depending on their financial needs. It is an affordable university that can be customized to suit each student’s needs and region. The international student population. There are scholarships available for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as MBAs. Online programs. Prices are broken down according to the new campus model.

Study Now

We have broken down the payment structure into affordable, flexible monthly payments
On-campus offerings are available.

How to Study and Work in Germany during Your Degree 2022
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How to Study and Work in Germany during Your Degree 2022

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