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Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process 2023: Requirements, process and how to apply?

Malta, or the Republic of Malta, is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe is giving the opportunity for Malta Seasonal Work Visa. Between Italy and Libya, it is an archipelago.

Is a Visa Required to Work in Malta?

Anyone who wishes to work in Malta who is not a citizen of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland must first get a visa. Even if you want to work for fewer than 90 days, you still need a visa. Citizens of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland can live and work in Malta without a work permit in the interim. They must register with the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs within three months of arriving.

Malta Work Visa Permit Types

These are the many Malta work permits available:

  • only one permit.
  • significant employment initiative.
  • The EU Blue Card.

All work permits issued by the Maltese government are collectively referred to as the “Malta work visa.”

just one permit

A work visa that enables long-term residence and employment in Malta is known as a Malta single permit. You require a work offer from a Maltese employer in order to submit an application for a single permit. A single permission application must be submitted in Malta. Your company files the application on your behalf if you are still traveling overseas. Processing only one permit takes two to three months.

Key Staff Initiative

Malta has introduced a new work permit for highly trained workers called the Key Employee Initiative. This work visa is issued quite quickly—it takes five days to process it. However, you must ensure that you satisfy the following eligibility requirements in order to be eligible for the Key Employment Initiative:

  1. Work experience and relevant abilities are required for the position.
  2. a salary of at least €30,000 each year.
  3. Obtain copies of your last three years’ worth of job history.

The EU Blue Card

Highly skilled individuals who will fill a qualifying post and earn at least 1.5 times Malta’s average gross yearly pay are given the EU Blue Card. The Malta EU Blue Card is given out for a minimum of one year and may be extended forever as long as you continue to fulfill the work requirements.

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Conditions for Malta Work Visa:

The following list of paperwork is required when applying for a work visa and work permit in Malta:


  • your current passport. Ensure that there are at least two vacant pages in your passport for the admission stamp and the visa.
  • An application for a work visa. At the conclusion, the application must be finished and signed. Make sure to provide your most recent information on the application form.
  • a picture the size of a passport. Make sure the pictures have a light backdrop and hues. For more details, see to the Schengen photography regulations.
  • A work agreement. Your position’s title, compensation, start, and finish dates must all be included in the work contract.
  • Your current resume. You must create a CV detailing your prior employment history and provide references from those employers.
  • medical protection. You must get travel health insurance that covers the first part of your journey for at least €30,000 and is valid across the Schengen region. You should sign up for a more comprehensive health insurance plan after arriving in Malta because it’s likely that you’ll stay there permanently and work there.
  • evidence of accommodations. Please provide documentation proving your accommodations while working in Malta. It might be a lease agreement, hotel reservation, invitation letter from friends or relatives, etc.
  • Flight schedule. evidence that you have a flight reservation for Malta.

Depending on your particular circumstance or the nation from where you apply, you could be required to provide extra documentation. Make sure you include the application form and any other documentation. Any missing document might lead to the denial of your visa.

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Malta?

When applying for a work visa in Malta, adhere to following steps:

  1. Gather the necessary paperwork.
  2. Enter Malta, then send in your application.
  3. submit an application for a work permit.
  4. Obtain the work permit, then start your job.

Gather the Documents Needed for a Malta Work Visa: You need the above listed paperwork in order to apply for a work visa for Malta.

Obtain a visa by traveling to Malta and submitting it:

The application for a Malta work visa (also known as a single permit) must be submitted from within Malta. Here is how it works:

  • Visit the Malta embassy in your nation to submit an application for a national visa for employment.
  • Take a hold of the Interim Receipt card. The Interim Receipt Card, which is issued by the Malta embassy, enables you to go to Malta in order to submit an application for a single permit.
  • Make a Single Permit application. You must visit the Identity Malta Agency in person to submit the application form and the necessary documentation after entering Malta. You must pay the application cost of €280.50 when you submit the application form. You will be given a Single Permit and be able to begin working in Malta if you get a good response.

Your Employer Submits a Request for a Work Permit:

A work visa application must be made by your employer on your behalf via the Job Plus website (a government representative). The typical length of your job license is one year. Your business must demonstrate that they openly advertised the post and that no Maltese citizen could have filled it before they may grant you an employment license.

Get your work permit and start working:

You’ll get a reply via text message or email when you and your company have filed all necessary applications. Identity Malta will issue you the residency card once your work permit for Malta is accepted. Once you have the card, you are able to work and live lawfully in Malta.

You shouldn’t leave Malta after submitting the application until you’ve received the outcome. You are not permitted to enter Malta again with the temporary receipt.

Single Permit €280.50
Employment license €150
Application for an employment license €50
EU Blue card €140
Type D [National Visa] €100

Timeframe for a Malta Work Visa

For Malta, the work visa is valid for a year. You will be able to work and remain in Malta during this time. If you continue to work in Malta after a year, you can extend your work visa there.

Seasonal Work Visa for Malta

The seasonal work visa is a particular kind of visa that enables you to work and vacation in Malta. An application for a seasonal work visa can only be made by Australian and New Zealanders. You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 to apply for this visa. With this visa, you are able to stay in Malta for a full year. You will be permitted to travel to other Schengen nations twice a year for a total of 90 days with this kind of visa.

You cannot bring family members to Malta while you are on a temporary work visa.


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