My Trip to United States of America By Jatendar Dharani

Jatendar Dharani: My Trip to United State of America

I am very glad and also very lucky that I was selected in the Student Exchange Program for the trip of the United States of America. All this was happened by the support of Ed links and US AID. Which gave us that chance to know and understand the modern education learning and pattern. During my visit to the USA, I found the following valuable points which, I would like to share with my friends and respective teachers.

They have good and valuable patterns to teach the students. They have a friendly learning atmosphere, therefore, the students can easily understand. They have various other activities for the entertainment of students, like singing, playing instruments, games, video-conferences, etc. These extra activities may help the mental and physical level of students. I appreciate one important and very useful activity adopted by them which is “Group Discussion” among students.

Through Group Discussion the students can easily understand each and every point of the topic. There are much advanced and developed in each aspect like technology and other development. Hotel management is much developed and equipped with all the latest technology.

I was very surprised when I saw such multistory buildings with a clean and clear glass of windows and rows of flowers and green trees besides those buildings during my visit to the USA, particularly hotels and restaurants where I went to live and did the dinner. They are well trained and well developed in hotel management, the crew of the hotel was almost well trained and disciplined because their service standard is high and the visitors feel the homely atmosphere.

A trip to the United States of America:

It was my first experience of a journey in an airline, I traveled through Airplane of Qatar Airways from Jinnah Terminal Karachi to Doha where we changed the airline and arrived at Dulles Airport of Washington DC, it was a long journey where I saw the services of Airline which they offer to the passengers like the food service including veg and nonveg food, providing blankets for sleeping in nights and the kind of services which passenger like to choose through the speaker.

The lifestyle of the American community is friendly, there is no discrimination among the community, they live brotherly, they ever welcome to guests and meet amicably, the people always follow the rules and help the poor’s, therefore, human rights are much protected in their society.

I saw wide and clean roads and streets during my visit to the USA, they have advanced traffic controlling systems therefore huge fellow of vehicles can be managed without accidents, etc.; they are well advanced in computer and Information technology. Besides this, I would like to admire the structure of the statue of liberty.

Words By: Jatendar Dharani