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Netherlands Work Visa 2023: A Guide to Startup Personal Visa

In recent years, the Netherlands has become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting talent from all over the world. This guide will provide you with an overview of the Netherlands Work Visa 2023, specifically focusing on the Startup Personal Visa. We will cover the eligibility, requirements, expenses, duration, and application process for this unique visa opportunity. So, if you are considering working in the Netherlands, read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Why Netherlands:

The Netherlands offers a high quality of life, excellent infrastructure, and a thriving business environment. With its central location in Europe, the Netherlands provides easy access to other European countries and markets. Furthermore, the Dutch government actively supports innovation, which creates a favorable environment for startups and skilled professionals.

Top Jobs in Netherlands:

The Netherlands is home to numerous multinational companies, as well as a thriving startup ecosystem. Top job sectors include technology, finance, marketing, sales, supply chain, retail, and accounting.

What is this New Visa: Startup Personal Visa

The Startup Personal Visa is a new visa category introduced by the Dutch government on June 1, 2021. This visa allows professionals to work with authorized startup companies in the Netherlands that can offer both a job and visa sponsorship. The pilot program runs until June 1, 2025, and successful applicants receive a visa for a maximum period of three years.

Other Visa Types:

The Netherlands offers various visa types, such as the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa, the Netherlands Work Visa for Non-EU Citizens, and the Netherlands Work Visa for Freelancers.

Who are startup Companies?

Startup companies eligible for the program must be innovative and have scalable activities, meaning they can grow with the demand for their products and services. These companies can operate in various sectors, such as sales, technology, marketing, supply chain, retail, finance, or accounting.

Eligibility for Netherlands Work Visa 2023:

To be eligible for the Startup Personal Visa, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Expert in their field.
  2. Job offer from a Dutch startup company.
  3. Minimum income requirement of 2543 euros per month.


  • IELTS is not required, no English language proficiency test.
  • No specific qualifications or certifications required.
  • No minimum work experience required.

Required Documents:

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Passport-sized photo
  3. Completed Dutch work visa application form
  4. Employment contract and sponsorship from a Dutch startup company
  5. Proof of sufficient income

Expenses & Duration:

The cost of applying for the Startup Personal Visa is 345 euros. This fee is usually paid by the employer, but it may vary from company to company. The decision on the visa application takes around 90 days.

How to apply for Netherland Work Visa in 2023?

To apply for the Startup Personal Visa, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a job offer and sponsorship from an authorized Dutch startup company.
  2. Gather the required documents.
  3. Submit your Dutch work visa application Form to the appropriate Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country.

Top Companies:

The Netherlands is home to numerous multinational corporations, including Royal Dutch Shell, ING, Unilever, Ahold Delhaize, Aegon, Rabobank, Philips, Gasterra, SHV, and Heineken. Additionally, the Netherlands hosts branches of international companies like TCS, Cognizant, Sun Pharma, Chargebee, and Infosys Technology.

How to search for startup companies?

To find suitable startup companies for the Startup Personal Visa, use platforms like LinkedIn, AngelList, or Networking events, job fairs, and industry-specific websites can also be valuable resources.


  1. Research the Dutch startup ecosystem and target companies that align with your skills and interests.
  2. Customize your CV and cover letter to highlight your expertise in the relevant field.
  3. Reach out to Dutch startup companies through social media and professional networking platforms.
  4. Attend startup-focused events, conferences, and webinars to network with professionals and potential employers.
  5. Stay updated on the latest developments in your industry and the Dutch startup scene.


The Netherlands Work Visa 2023, specifically the Startup Personal Visa, offers an exciting opportunity for skilled professionals looking to work with innovative Dutch startup companies. By understanding the eligibility, requirements, expenses, and application process, you can take advantage of this unique visa program and launch your career in the thriving Dutch startup ecosystem. With its supportive government policies, excellent infrastructure, and strong focus on innovation, the Netherlands is an ideal destination for ambitious professionals seeking new opportunities.

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