She Decides Conference in Nepal 2019

She Decides Conference in Nepal

She Decides Conference in Nepal 2019 for 25-year-olds:

Applications are open now to apply for She Decides Conference in Nepal 2019. She decides is a worldwide movement that aims to give women more control over their lives and its decisions. The organization will be selecting 25-year-old young leaders from 25 countries who have been working for women rights and involve them in various projects related to the ‘she decides’ issues.

Eligibility Criteria Criteria for She Decides Conference in Nepal 2019:

  • To apply, you must have been born in 1994.
  • Be able to speak well.
  • Demonstrated passion regarding the ‘she decides’ cause Must be taking country level action for a ‘she decides’ cause (list of causes given above).
  • Have a good social media presence.
  • Be available and willing to travel to Nepal in early March, be available for various activities throughout the year and also to attend a summit in Nairobi in November.

How to Apply:

Submit the following documents to

1. A video/audio file, describing why you should be selected.

The video/audio file must not be longer than 2 minutes and should include the following topics:

  • Your background
  • Area of interest
  • Your relevant experiences
  • Your aims and ambitions
  • Your knowledge regarding organizations and campaigning groups similar/related to this one

2. A 600 words long essay

  • Where you will select the area (from the above list) that you want to focus on.
  • Your essay should describe why you decided to choose that area and what its importance is to you or your region
  • What is your plan to promote your cause?

Deadline: 14th January 2019.

She Decides Conference in Nepal 2019

Official link: She Decides

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