Snowdon Trust Grants for Students in UK 2020/2021

Snowdon Trust Grants for Students in UK

Snowdon Trust Grants for students in UK is accepting applications now. The grants are awarded to students who suffer from a physical or sensory disability. The purpose of this scholarship in UK is to help disable Students with the extra costs they are faced with due to their disabilit

Opportunity Points

Snowdon Trust Grants for Student:

Applicants who are already studying in the United Kingdom are awarded these grants. Applicants can be enrolled in higher educational institutions or can be training for a job in UK. A total of 100 grants are awarded to students in the UK. Financial assistance is not the only thing these Snowdon Trust Grants provide.

The trust also motivates Students and encourages them to study and make a career. Applicants can apply for these grants more than one time. Snowdon Trust aims to make this world a more inclusive place for people with disabilities. The purpose of these grants is to help disable Students continue their education/ vocational training.

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Brief description

  • Location: UK
  • Program type: Financial Grant
  • Program level: Students (Studying or taking vocational training)
  • Deadline: 31 August 2020

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only Students with physical or sensory disabilities are eligible for these grants in UK
  • Applicants must be already in UK (studying in a college or university)
  • Applicants who are studying or taking vocational training in UK can apply

Grant provides

  • Different monetary grants are provided to different students with disabilities.
  • Usually, the grants range from £250 to £3,000.

Important Information

  • Applicants will have to declare all the related financial and medical information.
  • Applicants should not worry as their information will be kept confidential.
  • Applicants can reapply for grants.


31 August 2020 is the last date to apply for Snowdon Trust Grants for Students in UK 2020/2021.

How to Apply:

The Application Link is given below:

Application Link

Official Link: Click Here

Last Updated: 1st April 2020